Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
action_revoke_only Auto Revoke
action_do_nothing Do Nothing
txt_home Home 主页
admin_receiver_status_enabled Ready to set dns based content blocker. 已准备好设置基于DNS的内容拦截器。
admin_receiver_status_disabled Content blocker no longer in effect. 内容拦截器不再有效。
accessibility_service_description RethinkDNS uses accessibility service to detect and firewall background applications. RethinkDNS does not collect or sell any information. RethinkDNS使用无障碍服务来检测与拦截后台应用。RethinkDNS不收集或销售任何数据。
accessibility_service_label RethinkDNS RethinkDNS
next Next 下一步
skip Skip 跳过
slide_2_title Welcome 欢迎
slide_2_desc RethinkDNS is the easiest way to monitor app activity, circumvent Internet censorship, and firewall apps on your Android device. RethinkDNS是您在Android设备上监控应用活动、绕过网络审查及拦截应用的最简单工具。
slide_1_title Welcome 欢迎
slide_1_desc Say hello to a safer, transparent, and secure Android. 欢迎来到更安全、更透明的Android。
warning_title Warning: RethinkDNS has been deactivated 警告:RethinkDNS已被停用
notification_content Tap to change protection setting 点击以更改防护设置
warning_channel_name Warning 警告
warning_channel_description Shown when RethinkDNS has encountered a problem. 当RethinkDNS遇到问题时显示。
notification_title Protected! Connected to Fast and Secure DNS. 已保护!已连接至快速安全的DNS。
dns_mode_notification_title Protected! Connected to Fast and Secure DNS. 已保护!已连接至快速安全的DNS。
firewall_mode_notification_title Protected! Connected to Firewall. 已保护!已对接防火墙。
hybrid_mode_notification_title Protected! Connected to DNS + Firewall. 已保护!已连接至DNS及防火墙。
status_waiting waiting
status_failing failing
explanation_offline Your device is offline. Intra is waiting for a network connection. 您的设备未连网。RethinkDNS正在等待网络连接。
explanation_vpn RethinkDNS has detected another VPN on your device. If you enable Rethink, that VPN will be disabled. RethinkDNS is not as secure as a trusted VPN. RethinkDNS检测到了已在您设备上使用的另一个VPN。如果您启用Rethink,另一个VPN将会被禁用。RethinkDNS并不如可信的VPN安全。
explanation_failing Warning: Queries are failing. You may want to choose a different server or restart Intra. 警告:解析请求失败。您可能想要选择另外的服务器或重启Intra。
status_starting starting 启动中
explanation_starting Hang tight. Intra is establishing a server connection.
status_protected protected
explanation_protected Your connection is protected from DNS attacks.
explanation_upgraded Your connection is currently protected by Android Private DNS, but an attacker could disable or undermine this protection.
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
title_about About 关于
title_settings Settings 设置
txt_home Home 主页
txt_im_tip Tip : Firewall prevents apps from accessing the Internet over Wifi or Mobile data. Since most forms of surveillance require the data to be sent over to a central repository, firewalling them effectively mitigates the threat.

There's a class of apps that require Internet connection all day, and those are usually communication apps like Gmail and messenger apps like WhatsApp. Firewalling them might not be an option, and that's why we built content blockers.

txt_im_topic Internet Manager
univ_block_unknown_connections Block connections when source app is unknown
univ_delete_firewall_dialog_message Deleting these rules would allow any application to connect to the currently blocked IPs.
univ_delete_firewall_dialog_title Delete all IP Rules?
univ_firewall_dialog_message Deleting this rule would allow any app to connect to this IP. Do you want to proceed?
univ_firewall_dialog_title Delete IP Rule?
univ_firewall_no_ip_message No IPs found. Tap on entries in the Network Log screen to block individual IP addresses.
univ_firewall_rules_6 Block all UDP traffic except DNS
universal_firewall_explanation Apply firewall rules on all applications based on device events, for example, firewall when the device is locked or when a particular app is not in use.
vpn_start_error_doh_url Something went wrong. Cannot start VPN.
warning_channel_description Shown when RethinkDNS has encountered a problem. 当RethinkDNS遇到问题时显示。
warning_channel_name Warning 警告
warning_title Warning: RethinkDNS has been deactivated 警告:RethinkDNS已被停用
webview_error_message Something went wrong. Please try again later.
webview_error_title Error
webview_no_stamp_change_desc Currently, %1$s blocklist(s) in-use. No additional blocklists have been set. Do you want to quit anyway?
webview_no_stamp_change_remote No change in the current configuration. Do you want to quit anyway?
webview_no_stamp_change_title Quit?
whats_dialog_title 15+ new features in v053
whats_new_version_name 🎅 🎄 Happy New Year ❄️ 🎁
whats_new_version_update Android 6 and Battery Saver mode:

1. The app now runs on Android 6 and above.

Battery Saver Mode:

2. The app now bundles in a battery saver mode in which only DNS works but not Firewall.


3. Start / Stop now looks more like a traditional button with a bottom sheet to help choose between battery-saver DNS-only mode and full-fledged DNS + Firewall mode.
4. DNS and Firewall buttons on the homescreen are now more prominent.


5. Enable or disable on-device DNS and Firewall logging.
6. Refresh app list button moved to the Firewall screen.


7. Latest 20K DNS logs are stored on-device.
8. Search box and filters for DNS logs.


9. Fix for Whitelist reverting to default.
10. Fix for Exclusion list reverting to default.
11. All apps tab now shows total number of app, number of apps in the whitelist / exclusion list, and number of apps blocked.
12. Improve scroll performance of the Network Log screen.
13. Network Log bottom sheet now slightly less cluttered: A couple of UI elements removed.
14. Distinguish between unamed (connections from apps without a name) and unknown (orphan connections without an owner app) in the network logs.
15. Improvements to app UX when the VPN is run in lockdown mode (that is, when Block connections without VPN is enabled from Android's VPN Settings page).
16. Some apps retry relentlessly when their connections are firewalled: Gatekeep connections for 30 seconds to delay those fast-paced non-stop retries.

Universal Firewall:

2021. Block any app not in use now with better heurisitcs and so should behave in less surprising ways and be more out-of-the-way.


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