Protected! Connected to Fast and Secure DNS.
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
admin_receiver_status_enabled Ready to set dns based content blocker. 已准备好设置基于DNS的内容拦截器。
admin_receiver_status_disabled Content blocker no longer in effect. 内容拦截器不再有效。
accessibility_service_description RethinkDNS uses accessibility service to detect and firewall background applications. RethinkDNS does not collect or sell any information. RethinkDNS使用无障碍服务来检测与拦截后台应用。RethinkDNS不收集或销售任何数据。
accessibility_service_label RethinkDNS RethinkDNS
next Next 下一步
skip Skip 跳过
slide_2_title Welcome 欢迎
slide_2_desc RethinkDNS is the easiest way to monitor app activity, circumvent Internet censorship, and firewall apps on your Android device. RethinkDNS是您在Android设备上监控应用活动、绕过网络审查及拦截应用的最简单工具。
slide_1_title Welcome 欢迎
slide_1_desc Say hello to a safer, transparent, and secure Android. 欢迎来到更安全、更透明的Android。
warning_title Warning: RethinkDNS has been deactivated 警告:RethinkDNS已被停用
notification_content Tap to change protection setting 点击以更改防护设置
warning_channel_name Warning 警告
warning_channel_description Shown when RethinkDNS has encountered a problem. 当RethinkDNS遇到问题时显示。
notification_title Protected! Connected to Fast and Secure DNS. 已保护!已连接至快速安全的DNS。
dns_mode_notification_title Protected! Connected to Fast and Secure DNS. 已保护!已连接至快速安全的DNS。
firewall_mode_notification_title Protected! Connected to Firewall. 已保护!已对接防火墙。
hybrid_mode_notification_title Protected! Connected to DNS + Firewall. 已保护!已连接至DNS及防火墙。
status_waiting waiting
status_failing failing
explanation_offline Your device is offline. Intra is waiting for a network connection. 您的设备未连网。RethinkDNS正在等待网络连接。
explanation_vpn RethinkDNS has detected another VPN on your device. If you enable Rethink, that VPN will be disabled. RethinkDNS is not as secure as a trusted VPN. RethinkDNS检测到了已在您设备上使用的另一个VPN。如果您启用Rethink,另一个VPN将会被禁用。RethinkDNS并不如可信的VPN安全。
explanation_failing Warning: Queries are failing. You may want to choose a different server or restart Intra. 警告:解析请求失败。您可能想要选择另外的服务器或重启Intra。
status_starting starting 启动中
explanation_starting Hang tight. Intra is establishing a server connection.
status_protected protected
explanation_protected Your connection is protected from DNS attacks.
explanation_upgraded Your connection is currently protected by Android Private DNS, but an attacker could disable or undermine this protection.
status_strict private dns is enabled
explanation_strict RethinkDNS has detected that the Android Private DNS setting is enabled. This means your DNS queries are already protected, so there's no need to enable Rethink.
status_exposed not protected
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
dns_logs_not_available_text Logs not captured when connected to DNS Proxy.
dns_mode_0 No Filter
dns_mode_0_explanation Does not block any DNS requests. Uses Cloudflare's DNS endpoint.
dns_mode_1 Family
dns_mode_1_explanation Blocks malware and adult content. Uses Cloudflare's DNS endpoint.
dns_mode_2 Security
dns_mode_2_explanation Blocks malicious content. Uses Cloudflare's DNS endpoint.
dns_mode_3 RethinkDNS Basic
dns_mode_3_explanation Blocks malware and more. Uses RethinkDNS's non-configurable basic endpoint.
dns_mode_4 Custom
dns_mode_4_explanation Set your own custom DNS-over-HTTPS endpoint.
dns_mode_5 RethinkDNS Plus
dns_mode_5_explanation Configurable DNS endpoint: Provides in-depth analytics of your Internet traffic, allows you to set custom rules and more.
dns_mode_info_explanation \009 Circumvent Internet censorship.
Prevent DNS manipulation attacks with encrypted DNS.
First line of defence against malware and other security threats.
Monitor DNS traffic.
dns_mode_info_title DNS
dns_mode_notification_title Protected! Connected to Fast and Secure DNS. 已保护!已连接至快速安全的DNS。
dns_proxy_no_proxy Set up a DNS Proxy by clicking on the ADD button below.
dns_proxy_remove_dialog_message Delete the DNS Proxy from saved configuration.
dns_proxy_remove_dialog_title Delete DNS Proxy?
dns_proxy_remove_success DNS Proxy deleted.
dns_query_clear_logs_message This deletes on-device DNS logs. This operation is not reversible. Do you want to proceed?
dns_query_clear_logs_title Delete all DNS logs?
doh_brave_pro_configure Configure RethinkDNS Plus
doh_brave_pro_configure_desc Configure RethinkDNS Plus to block adult content, dating and gambling websites, malware, spyware and more.
doh_custom_url_remove_dialog_message Delete the DNS over Https endpoint from saved configuration.
doh_custom_url_remove_dialog_title Delete DoH endpoint?
doh_custom_url_remove_success Endpoint deleted.
download_update_dialog_failure_message Either our servers are down or connection could not be established. Please try again after sometime.
download_update_dialog_failure_title Something went wrong!
download_update_dialog_message A version of the app is available for download from the website. Do you want to proceed?
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Protected! Connected to Fast and Secure DNS.
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