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Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
summary_dnscache_maxsize Sets the maximum of entries the cache can hold at any time 设置缓存最多能保留多少请求项
title_dnscache_usedefaulttimes Default cache time 默认缓存时长
summary_dnscache_usedefaulttimes Keep requests in the cache for as long as the DNS server communicates using the TTL 只要DNS服务器在使用TTL交流,请求项就会保留在缓存中
title_dnscache_minimum_cache_time Minimum cache time 最低缓存时长
summary_dnscache_minimum_cache_time The minimum amount of time entries should be cached, no matter whether the default caching time for it would be shorter. Long caching times could cause the cached data to be out of sync with the actual data.
Current: %1$d Seconds
当前: %1$d 秒
title_dnscache_customcachetime Custom cache time (Seconds) 自定义缓存时长(秒)
summary_dnscache_customcachetime Changes how long all requests are cached, no matter whether the default caching time for it would be longer. Long caching times could cause the cached data to be out of sync with the actual data.
Current: %1$d Seconds
当前: %1$d 秒
title_dnscache_nxdomaincachetime Cache time for NXDomain (Seconds) NXDomain缓存时长(秒)
summary_dnscache_nxdomaincachetime Changes the amount of time NXDOMAIN requests are cached. This enhances performance for non-existing domains (e.g if they are blocked)
Current: %1$d Seconds
当前: %1$d 秒
preference_category_logging Logging 日志记录
title_enable_logging Enable logging 启用日志记录
summary_enable_logging Enables logging of debug information (contains statistic data). These logs aren't send automatically 启用调试信息的日志记录。这些日志不会被自动发送
title_advanced_logging Advanced logging 高级日志记录
summary_advanced_logging Adds more logging, which could help with more persistent problems 增加更多日志项,可能可以帮助解决更加顽固的问题
title_send_logs Send logs 发送日志
summary_send_logs Click here to send the logs to the developer 点击此处以向开发者发送日志
title_delete_all_logs Delete all logs 删除所有日志
summary_delete_all_logs Deletes all logs stored on your device 删除此设备上存储的所有日志
title_crashreporting_type Automatic crash reporting 自动崩溃报告
summary_crashreporting_type Configure what data should be transmitted to the developer when the app crashes. Crash data never contains personal data and helps fixing problems faster 设置当应用崩溃时,要向开发者发送什么数据。崩溃数据不包含个人信息,同时有助于更快解决问题
preference_category_ip IP settings IP设置
title_enable_ipv6 Enable IPv6 启用IPv6
summary_enable_ipv6 Use IPv6, if the device has an IPv6 address assigned 如果设备有分配IPv6地址,则使用IPv6
title_enable_ipv4 Enable IPv4 启用IPv4
summary_enable_ipv4 Use IPv4, if the device has an IPv4 address assigned 如果设备有分配IPv4地址,则使用IPv4
title_force_ipv6 Force IPv6 强制使用IPv6
summary_force_ipv6 Force the app to accept IPv6 requests, even when the device doesn't use IPv6 强制让应用接受IPv6请求,即使设备不使用IPv6
title_force_ipv4 Force IPv4 强制使用IPv4
summary_force_ipv4 Force the app to accept IPv4 requests, even when the device doesn't use IPv4 强制让应用接受IPv4请求,即使设备不使用IPv4
title_allow_ipv4_traffic Allow IPv4 traffic 放行IPv4流量
summary_allow_ipv4_traffic Allow IPv4 traffic to be used, even if IPv4 is disabled.
If disabled no IPv4 connections are allowed while the app is running
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
summary_log_queries Log all queries and their responses 记录所有的请求项与回应
summary_map_query_refused Some DNS servers might refuse to answer a query if the host isn't allowed or is blocked. This setting blocks the host instead of refusing the query, otherwise the system might get confused 如果禁止或拦截了域名,某些DNS服务器可能拒绝对请求做出应答。此设置将拦截域名,而不是拒绝请求,否则系统可能会感到困惑
summary_nonvpn_help Click here to get instructions on how to use with this app 点此获取配置第三方应用与Nebulo一起工作的指南
summary_nonvpn_help_faq Click here to open a browser window with help and documentation for non-VPN mode 点此使用浏览器打开无VPN模式的帮助与文档
summary_nonvpn_help_generic Click here to get instructions on how to configure VPN apps 点此知晓如何配置VPN应用
summary_nonvpn_use_lanip Some apps don't allow localhost to be entered as DNS. With this setting the devices IP in the network is used instead. The address will change depending on your network, pay attention to the notification. 某些应用程序不允许将 localhost 设为DNS。此设置将使用 localhost 改为使用网络中的本机IP。地址将根据您的网络变动而更改,请留意应用通知。
summary_notification_allow_pause Allow the app to be paused from the notification 允许应用从通知栏暂停
summary_notification_allow_stop Allow the app to be stopped from the notification 允许从通知栏停止应用
summary_notification_hide_icon Hide the icon from the navigation bar on the top 在顶部的通知栏中隐藏应用图标
summary_pause_on_captiveportal Don't use DoH if a captive portal is detected. It will automatically be resumed shortly after logging in.
Disabling it might prevent you from opening the captive portal site to log in
summary_preference_change_pin Change the PIN. Only numeric values are allowed.
Current PIN: %1$s
当前使用PIN: %1$s
summary_preference_enable_pin Ask for a PIN when opening or stopping the app 当启动或停止应用时,要求提供PIN以解锁应用
summary_preference_pin_use_fingerprint Allow your fingerprint to be used instead of the PIN 允许使用指纹代替PIN来解锁应用
summary_restart_vpn_on_networkchange Silently restart the app when the network changes. Enable this when facing problems when switching between networks.
No effect when the app isn't active
summary_run_without_vpn When checked Nebulo hosts a DNS server on your device 当选中后,Nebulo将在您的设备上设置DNS服务器
summary_send_logs Click here to send the logs to the developer 点击此处以向开发者发送日志
summary_show_noconnection_notification Show a notification when the app currently has no connection to the DNS server 在应用与DNS服务器间无连接时显示通知
summary_show_notification_on_lockscreen Sets whether to show the notification on the lockscreen 设置是否在锁屏界面上显示通知
summary_show_revoked_notification Show a notification when Nebulo loses permission to the VPN 当Nebulo失去VPN权限时显示一个通知
summary_simple_notification Use a simple text in the notification 在通知中使用简版的信息
summary_start_after_update Start the app after it has been updated 在应用更新后自动启动
summary_start_on_boot Start the app when the phone is turned on 在设备启动时自动启动
summary_theme Sets the theme of this app 设置应用主题
title_advanced_logging Advanced logging 高级日志记录
title_allow_ipv4_traffic Allow IPv4 traffic 放行IPv4流量
title_allow_ipv6_traffic Allow IPv6 traffic 放行IPv6流量
title_bypass_searchdomains Searchdomains bypass 绕过搜索域请求
title_catch_other_dns_servers Intercept other DNS traffic 拦截其他DNS流量
title_check_iptables Check for iptables 检测iptables
title_clear_dnscache Clear DNS cache 清除DNS缓存
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