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Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
preference_category_general General 常规
title_language Language 语言
summary_language Change the language of the app 更改应用语言
title_theme Theme 主题
summary_theme Sets the theme of this app 设置应用主题
title_start_on_boot Start on boot 开机自启
summary_start_on_boot Start the app when the phone is turned on 在设备启动时自动启动
title_start_after_update Start after update 更新后自启
summary_start_after_update Start the app after it has been updated 在应用更新后自动启动
title_excluded_apps Excluded apps 排除应用
summary_excluded_apps Exclude apps from the app here, for example if they cannot connect to the Internet anymore - selected apps won't use DNS-over-HTTPS or DNS-over-TLS anymore 在这里选择需要排除在外的应用,这些应用可能因无法联网而必须被选择。所选应用将不再使用DNS over HTTPS或DNS over TLS
summary_excluded_apps_non_vpn Exclude apps from the app here, for example if they cannot connect to the Internet anymore - selected apps won't use DNS-over-HTTPS or DNS-over-TLS anymore.

This has no effect in non-VPN mode.

title_fallback_dns Internal DNS server 内置DNS服务器
summary_fallback_dns Configure the DNS server Nebulo uses internally. This defaults to your service providers DNS server. This configured server is only used for internal purposes and does not handle your normal DNS queries. 设置 Nebulo 内部使用的 DNS 服务器。应用默认使用服务提供商的 DNS 服务器。这个服务器仅会用于应用内部,不会用于处理您普通的DNS请求。
title_export_settings Export settings 出口设置
summary_export_settings Export all settings (including DNS rule sources) into a file. You can later open the file to import it into Nebulo. 将所有设置(包括DNS规则源)导出到一个文件中。您以后可以打开该文件将其导入Nebulo。
preference_category_notification Notification 通知
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
title_dnscache_minimum_cache_time Minimum cache time 最低缓存时长
title_dnscache_nxdomaincachetime Cache time for NXDomain (Seconds) NXDomain缓存时长(秒)
title_dnscache_usedefaulttimes Default cache time 默认缓存时长
title_enable_ipv4 Enable IPv4 启用IPv4
title_enable_ipv6 Enable IPv6 启用IPv6
title_enable_logging Enable logging 启用日志记录
title_excluded_apps Excluded apps 排除应用
title_export_queries Export queries 导出请求项
title_export_settings Export settings 出口设置
title_fallback_dns Internal DNS server 内置DNS服务器
title_force_ipv4 Force IPv4 强制使用IPv4
title_force_ipv6 Force IPv6 强制使用IPv6
title_inform_bad_connection Inform me of a bad connection 连接差时通知我
title_iptables_disable_ipv6 Disable IPv6 禁用 IPv6
title_iptables_mode Use iptables 使用 iptables
title_language Language 语言
title_local_server_port Server port 服务器端口
title_log_queries Query logging 记录请求项
title_map_query_refused Interpret refused queries as disallowed hosts 将被拒绝的请求解释为被禁止的域名
title_nonvpn_help_faq Documentation 文档
title_nonvpn_use_lanip Use Device IP instead of localhost 使用本机IP代替localhost
title_notification_allow_pause Allow pausing 允许暂停
title_notification_allow_stop Allow stopping 允许停止
title_notification_hide_icon Hide icon 隐藏图标
title_pause_on_captiveportal Pause on captive portal 停止于强制主页
title_preference_change_pin Change PIN 更改PIN
title_preference_enable_pin PIN PIN
title_preference_pin_use_fingerprint Allow fingerprint 允许指纹解锁
title_restart_vpn_on_networkchange Restart on network change 更换网络后重启
title_run_without_vpn Run without VPN 无VPN运行
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