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Notification on permission lost
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
title_export_settings Export settings
summary_export_settings Export all settings (including DNS rule sources) into a file. You can later open the file to import it into Nebulo.
preference_category_notification Notification 通知
title_show_notification_on_lockscreen Show on lockscreen 于锁屏界面显示
summary_show_notification_on_lockscreen Sets whether to show the notification on the lockscreen 设置是否在锁屏界面上显示通知
title_simple_notification Simple notification 简版通知
summary_simple_notification Use a simple text in the notification 在通知中使用简版的信息
title_notification_hide_icon Hide icon 隐藏图标
summary_notification_hide_icon Hide the icon from the navigation bar on the top 在顶部的通知栏中隐藏应用图标
title_notification_allow_stop Allow stopping 允许停止
summary_notification_allow_stop Allow the app to be stopped from the notification 允许从通知栏停止应用
title_notification_allow_pause Allow pausing 允许暂停
summary_notification_allow_pause Allow the app to be paused from the notification 允许应用从通知栏暂停
title_show_noconnection_notification Notification on no connection 无连接通知
summary_show_noconnection_notification Show a notification when the app currently has no connection to the DNS server 在应用与DNS服务器间无连接时显示通知
title_show_revoked_notification Notification on permission lost 失去权限通知
summary_show_revoked_notification Show a notification when Nebulo loses permission to the VPN 当Nebulo失去VPN权限时显示一个通知
title_inform_bad_connection Inform me of a bad connection 连接差时通知我
summary_inform_bad_connection Inform me when the DNS server currently is slow or otherwise performs badly
preference_category_pin PIN protection PIN保护
title_preference_enable_pin PIN PIN
summary_preference_enable_pin Ask for a PIN when opening or stopping the app 当启动或停止应用时,要求提供PIN以解锁应用
title_preference_pin_use_fingerprint Allow fingerprint 允许指纹解锁
summary_preference_pin_use_fingerprint Allow your fingerprint to be used instead of the PIN 允许使用指纹代替PIN来解锁应用
title_preference_change_pin Change PIN 更改PIN
summary_preference_change_pin Change the PIN. Only numeric values are allowed.
Current PIN: %1s
当前使用PIN: %1s
preference_category_cache Cache control 缓存控制
title_dnscache_enabled Use DNS cache 使用DNS缓存
summary_dnscache_enabled Enables the apps DNS cache. The cache memorizes old requests to answer future questions faster.

The system already has a cache, enable this if you want to customize behavior

title_dnscache_keepacrosslaunches Keep DNS cache 保留DNS缓存
summary_dnscache_keepacrosslaunches Keep the DNS cache across multiple launches 即使应用关闭,也保留DNS缓存
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Notification on permission lost
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Notification on permission lost
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Notification on permission lost
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