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Enable IPv6
Key English Vietnamese State
summary_dnscache_customcachetime Changes how long all requests are cached, no matter whether the default caching time for it would be longer. Long caching times could cause the cached data to be out of sync with the actual data.
Current: %1$d Seconds
title_dnscache_nxdomaincachetime Cache time for NXDomain (Seconds)
summary_dnscache_nxdomaincachetime Changes the amount of time NXDOMAIN requests are cached. This enhances performance for non-existing domains (e.g if they are blocked)
Current: %1$d Seconds
preference_category_logging Logging
title_enable_logging Enable logging
summary_enable_logging Enables logging of debug information (contains statistic data). These logs aren't send automatically
title_advanced_logging Advanced logging
summary_advanced_logging Adds more logging, which could help with more persistent problems
title_send_logs Send logs
summary_send_logs Click here to send the logs to the developer
title_delete_all_logs Delete all logs
summary_delete_all_logs Deletes all logs stored on your device
title_crashreporting_type Automatic crash reporting
summary_crashreporting_type Configure what data should be transmitted to the developer when the app crashes. Crash data never contains personal data and helps fixing problems faster
preference_category_ip IP settings
title_enable_ipv6 Enable IPv6
summary_enable_ipv6 Use IPv6, if the device has an IPv6 address assigned
title_enable_ipv4 Enable IPv4
summary_enable_ipv4 Use IPv4, if the device has an IPv4 address assigned
title_force_ipv6 Force IPv6
summary_force_ipv6 Force the app to accept IPv6 requests, even when the device doesn't use IPv6
title_force_ipv4 Force IPv4
summary_force_ipv4 Force the app to accept IPv4 requests, even when the device doesn't use IPv4
title_allow_ipv4_traffic Allow IPv4 traffic
summary_allow_ipv4_traffic Allow IPv4 traffic to be used, even if IPv4 is disabled.
If disabled no IPv4 connections are allowed while the app is running
title_allow_ipv6_traffic Allow IPv6 traffic
summary_allow_ipv6_traffic Allow IPv6 traffic to be used, even if IPv4 is disabled.
If disabled no IPv6 connections are allowed while the app is running
preference_category_network Network
title_restart_vpn_on_networkchange Restart on network change
summary_restart_vpn_on_networkchange Silently restart the app when the network changes. Enable this when facing problems when switching between networks.
No effect when the app isn't active
title_disallow_other_vpns Disallow other VPNs


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