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Disallow other VPNs
Key English Vietnamese State
title_enable_ipv6 Enable IPv6
summary_enable_ipv6 Use IPv6, if the device has an IPv6 address assigned
title_enable_ipv4 Enable IPv4
summary_enable_ipv4 Use IPv4, if the device has an IPv4 address assigned
title_force_ipv6 Force IPv6
summary_force_ipv6 Force the app to accept IPv6 requests, even when the device doesn't use IPv6
title_force_ipv4 Force IPv4
summary_force_ipv4 Force the app to accept IPv4 requests, even when the device doesn't use IPv4
title_allow_ipv4_traffic Allow IPv4 traffic
summary_allow_ipv4_traffic Allow IPv4 traffic to be used, even if IPv4 is disabled.
If disabled no IPv4 connections are allowed while the app is running
title_allow_ipv6_traffic Allow IPv6 traffic
summary_allow_ipv6_traffic Allow IPv6 traffic to be used, even if IPv4 is disabled.
If disabled no IPv6 connections are allowed while the app is running
preference_category_network Network
title_restart_vpn_on_networkchange Restart on network change
summary_restart_vpn_on_networkchange Silently restart the app when the network changes. Enable this when facing problems when switching between networks.
No effect when the app isn't active
title_disallow_other_vpns Disallow other VPNs
summary_disallow_other_vpns Don't allow other VPNs to start if the app isn't explicitly stopped
title_catch_other_dns_servers Intercept other DNS traffic
summary_catch_other_dns_servers Intercept traffic of known DNS servers and transmit it using Nebulo
title_map_query_refused Interpret refused queries as disallowed hosts
summary_map_query_refused Some DNS servers might refuse to answer a query if the host isn't allowed or is blocked. This setting blocks the host instead of refusing the query, otherwise the system might get confused
title_bypass_searchdomains Searchdomains bypass
summary_bypass_searchdomains Send search domains (e.g. MyPC.local or to the Dns server of your network instead of the DoH server.
This is highly recommended. Those queries don't leave your network
title_pause_on_captiveportal Pause on captive portal
summary_pause_on_captiveportal Don't use DoH if a captive portal is detected. It will automatically be resumed shortly after logging in.
Disabling it might prevent you from opening the captive portal site to log in
preference_category_querylogging Query logging
title_log_queries Query logging
summary_log_queries Log all queries and their responses
title_export_queries Export queries
summary_export_queries Export queries as CSV (%1$d queries)
title_delete_queries Clear queries
Key English Vietnamese State
summary_show_revoked_notification Show a notification when Nebulo loses permission to the VPN
summary_simple_notification Use a simple text in the notification
summary_start_after_update Start the app after it has been updated Khởi động ứng dụng khi ứng dụng đã cập nhật
summary_start_on_boot Start the app when the phone is turned on Khởi động ứng dụng khi điện thoại mở nguồn
summary_theme Sets the theme of this app Đặt chủ đề cho ứng dụng
title_advanced_logging Advanced logging
title_allow_ipv4_traffic Allow IPv4 traffic
title_allow_ipv6_traffic Allow IPv6 traffic
title_bypass_searchdomains Searchdomains bypass
title_catch_other_dns_servers Intercept other DNS traffic
title_check_iptables Check for iptables
title_clear_dnscache Clear DNS cache
title_crashreporting_type Automatic crash reporting
title_delete_all_logs Delete all logs
title_delete_queries Clear queries
title_disallow_other_vpns Disallow other VPNs
title_dnscache_customcachetime Custom cache time (Seconds)
title_dnscache_enabled Use DNS cache
title_dnscache_keepacrosslaunches Keep DNS cache
title_dnscache_maxsize Maximum Cache size
title_dnscache_minimum_cache_time Minimum cache time
title_dnscache_nxdomaincachetime Cache time for NXDomain (Seconds)
title_dnscache_usedefaulttimes Default cache time
title_enable_ipv4 Enable IPv4
title_enable_ipv6 Enable IPv6
title_enable_logging Enable logging
title_excluded_apps Excluded apps Loại trừ ứng dụng
title_export_queries Export queries
title_export_settings Export settings
title_fallback_dns Internal DNS server


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