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summary_bypass_searchdomains Send search domains (e.g. MyPC.local or to the Dns server of your network instead of the DoH server.
This is highly recommended. Those queries don't leave your network
title_pause_on_captiveportal Pause on captive portal
summary_pause_on_captiveportal Don't use DoH if a captive portal is detected. It will automatically be resumed shortly after logging in.
Disabling it might prevent you from opening the captive portal site to log in
preference_category_querylogging Query logging
title_log_queries Query logging
summary_log_queries Log all queries and their responses
title_export_queries Export queries
summary_export_queries Export queries as CSV (%1$d queries)
title_delete_queries Clear queries
summary_delete_queries Click here to delete all logged queries
preference_category_nonvpnmode Non-VPN mode
summary_category_nonvpnmode Configure Nebulo to act as a DNS server on the device instead of using a dummy VPN. When enabled you manually have to forward DNS queries to Nebulo using third party apps
summary_category_nonvpnmode_forwardinfo Server will be hosted on %1$s:%2$s
title_run_without_vpn Run without VPN
summary_run_without_vpn When checked Nebulo hosts a DNS server on your device
title_nonvpn_use_lanip Use Device IP instead of localhost
summary_nonvpn_use_lanip Some apps don't allow localhost to be entered as DNS. With this setting the devices IP in the network is used instead. The address will change depending on your network, pay attention to the notification.
title_local_server_port Server port
summary_local_server_port Port of the DNS server which will be hosted. Only ports above 1024 are allowed
preference_category_iptables Iptables
title_iptables_mode Use iptables
summary_iptables_mode Forward queries to Nebulo using iptables. This requires root privileges. When enabled no external apps need to be used when in non-vpn mode. This might not work when you are on an IPv6 network.
title_iptables_disable_ipv6 Disable IPv6
summary_iptables_disable_ipv6 Disable IPv6 when using iptables and IPv4 can be used instead. This might fix DNS queries bypassing iptables when IPv6 is enabled.
title_check_iptables Check for iptables
summary_check_iptables Check whether your device supports iptables
preference_category_nonvpnmode_help Instructions for third-party apps
summary_nonvpn_help Click here to get instructions on how to use with this app
nonvpn_help_generic_title Generic VPN apps
summary_nonvpn_help_generic Click here to get instructions on how to configure VPN apps
title_nonvpn_help_faq Documentation


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