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Current server: %1$s
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
notification_channel_default Default Channel 默认通知频道
notification_channel_default_description Default channel for posting notifications 推送通知使用的默认通知频道
notification_channel_foreground_service Permanent Notification Channel 常驻通知通知频道
notification_channel_foreground_service_description Channel used for notifications which can't be removed by the user 推送常驻通知使用的默认通知频道
notification_channel_noconnection Connection warning channel 连接警告通知频道
notification_channel_noconnection_description Channel used for showing notifications when no connection seems to be available 推送无可用连接时的警告通知时,所使用的默认通知频道
notification_channel_pin Pin-related channel PIN相关通知频道
notification_channel_pin_description Channel used for notifications related to the PIN, i.e. when it has to be provided 与PIN相关的通知频道,推送诸如必须提供PIN等的通知
notification_channel_high_priorty High priority 高优先级通知频道
notification_channel_high_priorty_description Channel for high priority notifications for example when the app loses permission to the VPN 推送高优先级通知使用的默认通知频道,比如推送应用失去VPN权限等的通知
notification_channel_dnsrules DNS Rule Notification Channel DNS规则通知频道
notification_channel_dnsrules_description Channel used for import/export of DNS rules 用于导入/导出 DNS 规则的频道
notification_channel_badconnection Bad connection notification channel 网络不佳通知通道
notification_channel_badconnection_description Channel used for notifications when Nebulo has a bad connection 网络不佳时 Nebulo 用于通知的频道
notification_simple_text Current server: %1$s 当前服务器:%1$s
notification_main_text Queries are sent to %1$s

%2$d Apps are excluded from Nebulo
解析请求被发往 %1$s

%2$d 个应用不使用 DoH/DoT
notification_main_text_with_secondary Queries are sent to %1$s and %2$s

%3$d Apps are excluded from Nebulo
解析请求被发往 %1$s 和 %2$s

%3$d 个应用不使用 DoH/DoT
notification_main_text_whitelist Queries are sent to %1$s

%2$d Apps are using DoH/DoT
解析请求被发往 %1$s

%2$d 个应用使用 DoH/DoT
notification_main_text_with_secondary_whitelist Queries are sent to %1$s and %2$s

%3$d Apps are using DoH/DoT
解析请求被发往 %1$s 和 %2$s

%3$d 个应用使用 DoH/DoT
notification_main_title_tls Nebulo (DoT) Nebulo (DoT)
notification_main_title_quic Nebulo (DoQ)
notification_main_title_https Nebulo (DoH) Nebulo (DoH)
notification_main_subtext %1$d queries so far 已有 %1$d 个请求
notification_noconnection_title No connection 无连接
notification_noconnection_text The app currently isn't forwarding your DNS queries because you either have no or a bad connection 因为无连接或连接太差,目前应用已停止转发您的DNS请求
notification_vpnrestart_title Restarting Vpn 重启VPN中
notification_vpnrestart_text The Vpn service will be restarted soon VPN服务即将重启
notification_appcrash_title Nebulo has crashed Nebulo已崩溃
notification_appcrash_message Nebulo has crashed. Click here to go to the main menu and to restart the app, if necessary Nebulo已崩溃。如有必要,请点击此处以进入主菜单或重启应用
notification_ruleimport_title DNS rule import 导入DNS规则
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
notification_ruleexport_secondarymessage Preparing export… 准备导出…
notification_ruleexport_title DNS rule export 导出DNS规则
notification_ruleexportfinished_message %1$d rules have been exported 已导出 %1$d 条规则
notification_ruleexportfinished_title DNS rule export finished DNS规则导出完成
notification_ruleimport_message Importing DNS rules from %1$s (%2$s) 正在从 %1$s (%2$s) 导入DNS规则
notification_ruleimport_secondarymessage Preparing import… 准备导入…
notification_ruleimport_tertiarymessage Finishing import… 正在完成导入…
notification_ruleimport_title DNS rule import 导入DNS规则
notification_ruleimportfinished_message %1$s rules have been imported (%2$s duplicates omitted) 已导入 %1$s 条规则(省略 %2$s 条重复规则)
notification_ruleimportfinished_title DNS rule import finished DNS规则导入完成
notification_service_killed_ignore Ignore 忽略
notification_service_killed_message It seems like the app was previously stopped by the system. Click here to learn more 之前似乎应用被系统关闭了。点击此处了解更多
notification_service_killed_title Information about battery optimization 关于电池优化的信息
notification_service_revoked_message Click here to restart 点此重启
notification_service_revoked_title VPN permission revoked by system VPN权限被系统撤销
notification_simple_text Current server: %1$s 当前服务器:%1$s
notification_vpnrestart_text The Vpn service will be restarted soon VPN服务即将重启
notification_vpnrestart_title Restarting Vpn 重启VPN中


Current server: %1$s
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