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Default Channel
Key English Bengali State
notification_appcrash_message Nebulo has crashed. Click here to go to the main menu and to restart the app, if necessary
notification_appcrash_title Nebulo has crashed
notification_bad_connection_text Your connection to the DNS server is bad right now. This might impact your surfing speed negatively. Consider selecting another server.
notification_bad_connection_title Bad server connection
notification_channel_badconnection Bad connection notification channel
notification_channel_badconnection_description Channel used for notifications when Nebulo has a bad connection
notification_channel_default Default Channel
notification_channel_default_description Default channel for posting notifications
notification_channel_dnsrules DNS Rule Notification Channel
notification_channel_dnsrules_description Channel used for import/export of DNS rules
notification_channel_foreground_service Permanent Notification Channel
notification_channel_foreground_service_description Channel used for notifications which can't be removed by the user
notification_channel_high_priorty High priority
notification_channel_high_priorty_description Channel for high priority notifications for example when the app loses permission to the VPN
notification_channel_noconnection Connection warning channel
notification_channel_noconnection_description Channel used for showing notifications when no connection seems to be available
notification_channel_pin Pin-related channel
notification_channel_pin_description Channel used for notifications related to the PIN, i.e. when it has to be provided
notification_cronet_failed_text DNS-over-QUIC cannot be used as it could not be initialized. Please choose another server.
notification_cronet_failed_title QUIC initialization failed
notification_dnsserver_message DNS server is running on %1$s:%2$d. Forward queries using third-party apps


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