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Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
warning_server_currently_unstable The server %1$s seems to be unstable right now.
warning_server_currently_unstable_expanded The server %1$s seems to be unstable right now, impacting your browsing speed. Consider switching to a more stable server.
window_dnsrules_customhosts Custom hosts
window_dnsrules_customhosts_hostsource_rulecount Rules from this source: %1$s (%2$s duplicates not in use)
window_dnsrules_customhosts_hostsource_rulecount_pending Rules from this source: -
window_dnsrules_customhosts_message Define all your custom hosts here
window_dnsrules_hostalreadyexists There already is a rule for this host
window_dnsrules_refresh_sources Refresh to import rules from source
window_dnsrules_subtitle %1$s rule
window_main_click_to_enable Click to enable.
window_main_privatedns_info Private DNS is active, your queries are already protected. Enable Nebulo if you wish to use DNS-over-HTTPS or other useful features.
To enable Nebulo disable Private DNS.
window_main_protected Protected!
window_main_unprotected Not protected
window_querylog_information Information
window_speedtest_information The lower the values, the faster Nebulo is able to communicate with the server. This for example increases your browsing speed.
window_speedtest_runtest Start the test
windows_querylogging_create_dnsrule Create DNS rule for this host
windows_querylogging_dnsrule_created DNS rule has been created
windows_querylogging_hostsource Source of DNS rule
windows_querylogging_hostsource__unknown Unknown
windows_querylogging_hostsource__user User rules
windows_querylogging_latency Latency
windows_querylogging_protocol Protocol
windows_querylogging_question Question
windows_querylogging_responses Responses
windows_querylogging_search Host-search
windows_querylogging_search_hint Search for a host in the query log
windows_querylogging_time Time
windows_querylogging_type Type
windows_querylogging_used_server Used server


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