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Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
appintro_server_choose_first The fastest one
appintro_server_choose_forth A server which protects me from harmful websites and apps
appintro_server_choose_second A fast server, with a focus on privacy
appintro_server_choose_third A true privacy focused server
appintro_server_choose_title First things first
appintro_third_description Nebulo comes bundled with a ton of useful features like monitoring DNS activity, PIN protection, a speed test and much more.

Explore the app to discover what free open-source software has to offer.
appintro_third_title Fully equipped for greatness
button_main_dnsrules DNS rules
dnsrule_total_resolve_count %1$d query has been handled by DNS rules this far
dnsrule_total_resolve_count_block %1$d query has been blocked this far
error_cannot_open_settings Cannot open system settings
error_invalid_host Please provide a valid host
error_invalid_pin Please provide your PIN
error_invalid_servername Please provide a name
error_invalid_url Please provide a valid url
error_no_webbrowser_installed You don't have any app installed to view this link
error_webview_missing WebView package not found, is it currently updating or removed?
fragment_querydetail_mode_doh DNS-over-HTTPS
fragment_querydetail_mode_doq DNS-over-QUIC
fragment_querydetail_mode_dot DNS-over-TLS
information Information
iptables_not_supported Your device does not support iptables
iptables_supported Congratulations, iptables is supported by your device!
iptables_supported_ipv6_unsupported Iptables is supported, but IPv6 is not supported.
main_dnssurveillance_infotext Be aware that the DNS server you are connected to is able to record which sites you are visiting. Check the respective privacy statements for more information.
main_dnssurveillance_privacystatement Privacy statement of %1$s
open_app Open app
quicksettings_start_text Start Nebulo
quicksettings_stop_text Stop Nebulo
restart_app Restart


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