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Server speed comparison
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
about_app This app is open source. The source code can be accessed at <a href=></a>.
Furthermore the app doesn't contain ads and does not track or collect any data about you.

Version %1$s
Build %2$d
Database version %3$d
Crashreport ID: %4$s

© Daniel Wolf 2019–2020
Licensed under GPLv3.
about_changelog Changelog
about_contact_developer Contact developer
about_credits Credits
about_help_faq Frequently asked questions
about_help_translating Help translating
about_info General information
about_licenses Open-source licenses
about_privacypolicy Privacy policy
about_share Share
about_telegram_group Telegram group
activity_label_enable_logging Export logs/Enable logging
activity_label_import_queries Import queries
activity_label_import_servers Import server(s)
activity_label_speed_test Server speed comparison
all_close Close
all_no No
all_pause Pause
all_resume Resume
all_start Start
all_stop Stop
all_yes Yes
app_name Nebulo
app_share_fdroid Hey, I found this app which encrypts your DNS queries to give you more privacy and security. Check it out by downloading from here:
app_share_text Hey, I found this app which encrypts your DNS queries to give you more privacy and security. Check it out here:
appintro_first_description Nebulo is an app to protect your privacy and secure your device.

Take back control of data your ISP or other entities have treated as theirs for a long time.
appintro_first_title Welcome to Nebulo.
appintro_forth_description You can configure Nebulo to be used as a system-wide ad- and tracking-blocker.

You are even able to use it together with some firewall apps to increase your control over your privacy even more.
appintro_forth_title One last thing


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