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Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
appintro_third_title Fully equipped for greatness 装备齐全,成就宏远
appintro_third_description Nebulo comes bundled with a ton of useful features like monitoring DNS activity, PIN protection, a speed test and much more.

Explore the app to discover what free open-source software has to offer.
Nebulo 包含有大量诸如监控DNS活动、PIN保护与速度测试等的实用特性。

appintro_forth_title One last thing 最后一件事
appintro_forth_description You can configure Nebulo to be used as a system-wide ad- and tracking-blocker.

You are even able to use it together with some firewall apps to increase your control over your privacy even more.
您可以配置 Nebulo 以拦截全系统的广告与跟踪。

appintro_server_choose_title First things first 首先
appintro_server_choose_description Which kind of server do you want to use in Nebulo? 您希望在 Nebulo 中使用什么类型的服务器呢?
appintro_server_choose_disclaimer There are servers which fit multiple or even all categories. Nebulo automatically chooses the fastest one. 有一些服务器可以被归入多个类别,甚至下面列出的所有类别中。 Nebulo 会自动选择最快的服务器。
appintro_server_choose_first The fastest one 最快的服务器
appintro_server_choose_second A fast server, with a focus on privacy 注重隐私保护,且速度快的服务器
appintro_server_choose_third A true privacy focused server 真正注重隐私的服务器
appintro_server_choose_forth A server which protects me from harmful websites and apps 能保护我免于受有害网站及应用影响的服务器
appintro_server_choose_adblock A server which blocks ads and tracking 屏蔽广告与跟踪的服务器
dnsrule_total_resolve_count %1$d query has been handled by DNS rules this far 现已有 %1$d 个请求根据DNS规则处理
dnsrule_total_resolve_count_block %1$d query has been blocked this far 已有 %1$d 个请求被屏蔽
settings_import_failed Settings import failed. 设置导入失败。
settings_import_succeeded Settings import successful. 设置导入成功。
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
fragment_querydetail_mode_doh DNS-over-HTTPS
fragment_querydetail_mode_doq DNS-over-QUIC
fragment_querydetail_mode_dot DNS-over-TLS
information Information 信息
iptables_not_supported Your device does not support iptables 您的设备不支持iptables
iptables_supported Congratulations, iptables is supported by your device! 恭喜,您的设备支持iptables!
iptables_supported_ipv6_unsupported Iptables is supported, but IPv6 is not supported. 现支持Iptables,但不支持IPv6。
main_dnssurveillance_infotext Be aware that the DNS server you are connected to is able to record which sites you are visiting. Check the respective privacy statements for more information. 请注意,您连接到的DNS服务器能够记录您正在访问的站点。有关详细信息,请查看相应的隐私声明。
main_dnssurveillance_privacystatement Privacy statement of %1$s 使用 %1$s 的隐私声明
open_app Open app 打开应用
quicksettings_start_text Start Nebulo 开启 Nebulo
quicksettings_stop_text Stop Nebulo 停止 Nebulo
restart_app Restart 重启应用
restart_app_for_changes Restart the app for changes to take effect. 重启应用以使更改生效。
settings_import_failed Settings import failed. 设置导入失败。
settings_import_succeeded Settings import successful. 设置导入成功。
theme_blue Blue 蓝色
theme_dark Dark 暗色
theme_mono Mono 单色
theme_true_black True black 纯黑
warning_server_currently_unstable The server %1$s seems to be unstable right now. %1$s 服务器现在似乎不稳定。
warning_server_currently_unstable_expanded The server %1$s seems to be unstable right now, impacting your browsing speed. Consider switching to a more stable server. %1$s 服务器现在似乎不稳定,且在影响您的浏览速度。请考虑切换至更加稳定的服务器。
window_dnsrules_customhosts Custom hosts 自定义 hosts
window_dnsrules_customhosts_hostsource_rulecount Rules from this source: %1$s (%2$s duplicates not in use) 来自此源的规则条数: %1$s (未使用 %2$s 条重复规则)
window_dnsrules_customhosts_hostsource_rulecount_pending Rules from this source: - 来自此源的规则条数: -
window_dnsrules_customhosts_message Define all your custom hosts here 在此处设置您的所有自定义规则
window_dnsrules_hostalreadyexists There already is a rule for this host 已存在针对此地址的规则
window_dnsrules_refresh_sources Refresh to import rules from source 刷新以从规则源导入规则
window_dnsrules_subtitle %1$s rule %1$s 条规则


Settings import successful.
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