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DNS rules
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
theme_dark Dark 暗色
theme_true_black True black 纯黑
theme_blue Blue 蓝色
about_share Share 分享
about_licenses Open-source licenses 开源许可证
about_changelog Changelog 更新日志
about_contact_developer Contact developer 联系开发者
about_telegram_group Telegram group Telegram 群组
about_privacypolicy Privacy policy 隐私政策
about_credits Credits 致谢名单
about_info General information 总概资料
about_help_translating Help translating 协助翻译
window_speedtest_runtest Start the test 开始测试
window_speedtest_information The lower the values, the faster Nebulo is able to communicate with the server. This for example increases your browsing speed. 延迟越低,Nebulo与服务器间通信的速度就会越快,同时也可为浏览站点提速。
error_no_webbrowser_installed You don't have any app installed to view this link 您没有安装任何可以访问该链接的应用
button_main_dnsrules DNS rules DNS 规则
window_dnsrules_customhosts Custom hosts 自定义 hosts
window_dnsrules_subtitle %1$s rule %1$s 条规则
window_dnsrules_hostalreadyexists There already is a rule for this host 已存在针对此地址的规则
window_dnsrules_customhosts_message Define all your custom hosts here 在此处设置您的所有自定义规则
window_dnsrules_customhosts_hostsource_rulecount_pending Rules from this source: - 来自此源的规则条数: -
window_dnsrules_customhosts_hostsource_rulecount Rules from this source: %1$s (%2$s duplicates not in use) 来自此源的规则条数: %1$s (未使用 %2$s 条重复规则)
windows_querylogging_search_hint Search for a host in the query log 在请求日志中搜索域名
windows_querylogging_search Host-search 域名搜索
windows_querylogging_time Time 请求时间
windows_querylogging_type Type 记录类型
windows_querylogging_question Question 请求域名
windows_querylogging_used_server Used server 服务器
windows_querylogging_hostsource Source of DNS rule DNS规则源
windows_querylogging_hostsource__user User rules 用户自定规则
windows_querylogging_hostsource__unknown Unknown 未知
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
appintro_first_title Welcome to Nebulo. 欢迎使用 Nebulo。
appintro_forth_description You can configure Nebulo to be used as a system-wide ad- and tracking-blocker.

You are even able to use it together with some firewall apps to increase your control over your privacy even more.
您可以配置 Nebulo 以拦截全系统的广告与跟踪。

appintro_forth_title One last thing 最后一件事
appintro_second_description By adding encryption to DNS, one of the oldest protocol of the Internet, it is in your hands.

Make it harder for your ISP to track you by using DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS with Nebulo.

通过使用 Nebulo 以 DNS-over-HTTPS 与 DNS-over-TLS 加密 DNS ,您可以让您的 ISP 更难跟踪您。
appintro_second_title Your privacy matters 您的隐私,至关重要
appintro_server_choose_adblock A server which blocks ads and tracking 屏蔽广告与跟踪的服务器
appintro_server_choose_description Which kind of server do you want to use in Nebulo? 您希望在 Nebulo 中使用什么类型的服务器呢?
appintro_server_choose_disclaimer There are servers which fit multiple or even all categories. Nebulo automatically chooses the fastest one. 有一些服务器可以被归入多个类别,甚至下面列出的所有类别中。 Nebulo 会自动选择最快的服务器。
appintro_server_choose_first The fastest one 最快的服务器
appintro_server_choose_forth A server which protects me from harmful websites and apps 能保护我免于受有害网站及应用影响的服务器
appintro_server_choose_second A fast server, with a focus on privacy 注重隐私保护,且速度快的服务器
appintro_server_choose_third A true privacy focused server 真正注重隐私的服务器
appintro_server_choose_title First things first 首先
appintro_third_description Nebulo comes bundled with a ton of useful features like monitoring DNS activity, PIN protection, a speed test and much more.

Explore the app to discover what free open-source software has to offer.
Nebulo 包含有大量诸如监控DNS活动、PIN保护与速度测试等的实用特性。

appintro_third_title Fully equipped for greatness 装备齐全,成就宏远
button_main_dnsrules DNS rules DNS 规则
dnsrule_total_resolve_count %1$d query has been handled by DNS rules this far 现已有 %1$d 个请求根据DNS规则处理
dnsrule_total_resolve_count_block %1$d query has been blocked this far 已有 %1$d 个请求被屏蔽
error_cannot_open_settings Cannot open system settings 无法打开系统设置
error_invalid_host Please provide a valid host 请提供有效的主机
error_invalid_pin Please provide your PIN 请提供您的密码
error_invalid_servername Please provide a name 请提供名称
error_invalid_url Please provide a valid url 请提供有效的地址
error_no_webbrowser_installed You don't have any app installed to view this link 您没有安装任何可以访问该链接的应用
error_webview_missing WebView package not found, is it currently updating or removed? 没有找到WebView软件包。当前它是正在更新,还是已被移除?
fragment_querydetail_mode_doh DNS-over-HTTPS
fragment_querydetail_mode_doq DNS-over-QUIC
fragment_querydetail_mode_dot DNS-over-TLS
information Information 信息
iptables_not_supported Your device does not support iptables 您的设备不支持iptables


DNS rules
DNS 规则
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