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Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
windows_querylogging_search_hint Search for a host in the query log 在请求日志中搜索域名
windows_querylogging_search Host-search 域名搜索
windows_querylogging_time Time 请求时间
windows_querylogging_type Type 记录类型
windows_querylogging_question Question 请求域名
windows_querylogging_used_server Used server 服务器
windows_querylogging_hostsource Source of DNS rule DNS规则源
windows_querylogging_hostsource__user User rules 用户自定规则
windows_querylogging_hostsource__unknown Unknown 未知
windows_querylogging_protocol Protocol 处理方式
windows_querylogging_latency Latency 延迟
windows_querylogging_responses Responses 解析结果
windows_querylogging_create_dnsrule Create DNS rule for this host 为此主机创建DNS规则
windows_querylogging_dnsrule_created DNS rule has been created DNS规则已创建
windows_querylogging_usedserver_dnsrules Resolved with DNS Rules DNS规则
windows_querylogging_usedserver_cache Resolved with cache 缓存记录
window_main_privatedns_info Private DNS is active, your queries are already protected. Enable Nebulo if you wish to use DNS-over-HTTPS or other useful features.
To enable Nebulo disable Private DNS.
私人DNS已经启用,您的DNS请求已经被保护。如果您想使用 DNS-over-HTTPS 等实用特性的话,请改而启用Nebulo。
window_main_protected Protected! 已保护!
window_main_unprotected Not protected 未保护
window_main_click_to_enable Click to enable. 点击启用。
restart_app_for_changes Restart the app for changes to take effect. 重启应用以使更改生效。
restart_app Restart 重启应用
iptables_supported Congratulations, iptables is supported by your device! 恭喜,您的设备支持iptables!
iptables_supported_ipv6_unsupported Iptables is supported, but IPv6 is not supported. 现支持Iptables,但不支持IPv6。
iptables_not_supported Your device does not support iptables 您的设备不支持iptables
window_dnsrules_refresh_sources Refresh to import rules from source 刷新以从规则源导入规则
window_querylog_information Information 信息
about_help_faq Frequently asked questions 常见问题
warning_server_currently_unstable The server %1$s seems to be unstable right now. %1$s 服务器现在似乎不稳定。
warning_server_currently_unstable_expanded The server %1$s seems to be unstable right now, impacting your browsing speed. Consider switching to a more stable server. %1$s 服务器现在似乎不稳定,且在影响您的浏览速度。请考虑切换至更加稳定的服务器。
appintro_first_title Welcome to Nebulo. 欢迎使用 Nebulo。


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