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Key English Polish State
about_help_faq Frequently asked questions
about_help_translating Help translating Pomoc w tłumaczeniu
about_info General information Informacje ogólne
about_licenses Open-source licenses Licencje Open-source
about_privacypolicy Privacy policy Polityka prywatności
about_share Share Udostępnij
about_telegram_group Telegram group Grupa Telegram
activity_label_enable_logging Export logs/Enable logging Eksport logów/Włączenie logowania
activity_label_import_queries Import queries Import zapytań
activity_label_import_servers Import server(s) Import serwer(ów)
activity_label_speed_test Server speed comparison Porównanie prędkości serwerów
all_close Close Zamknij
all_no No Nie
all_pause Pause Pauza
all_resume Resume Wznów
all_start Start Start
all_stop Stop Stop
all_yes Yes Tak
app_name Nebulo
app_share_fdroid Hey, I found this app which encrypts your DNS queries to give you more privacy and security. Check it out by downloading from here:
app_share_text Hey, I found this app which encrypts your DNS queries to give you more privacy and security. Check it out here: Cześć, znalazłem aplikację, która szyfruje zapytania DNS, aby zapewnić więcej prywatności i bezpieczeństwa. Zobacz więcej:
appintro_first_description Nebulo is an app to protect your privacy and secure your device.

Take back control of data your ISP or other entities have treated as theirs for a long time.
appintro_first_title Welcome to Nebulo.
appintro_forth_description You can configure Nebulo to be used as a system-wide ad- and tracking-blocker.

You are even able to use it together with some firewall apps to increase your control over your privacy even more.
appintro_forth_title One last thing
appintro_second_description By adding encryption to DNS, one of the oldest protocol of the Internet, it is in your hands.

Make it harder for your ISP to track you by using DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS with Nebulo.
appintro_second_title Your privacy matters
appintro_server_choose_adblock A server which blocks ads and tracking
appintro_server_choose_description Which kind of server do you want to use in Nebulo?
appintro_server_choose_disclaimer There are servers which fit multiple or even all categories. Nebulo automatically chooses the fastest one.


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