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%1$d apps are excluded by default and cannot be de-selected
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
dialog_newserver_title_quic Add a server (DoQ)
dialog_newserver_name Server name
dialog_newserver_name_hint Example
dialog_newserver_primaryserver Primary server
dialog_newserver_secondaryserver Secondary server (Optional)
dialog_deleteconfig_title Delete configuration?
dialog_deleteconfig_text Do you want to delete the configuration %1$s?
dialog_appchoosal_showsystemapps Show system apps
dialog_appchoosal_whitelist Only use DoH/DoT in selected apps
dialog_excludedapps_infotext %1$d app is excluded by default and cannot be de-selected
dialog_serverimport_title Import of %1$d server
dialog_serverimport_done Done
dialog_serverimport_priority Priority %1$d
dialog_serverimport_experimental Experimental
dialog_serverimport_servertype_doh Type: DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)
dialog_serverimport_servertype_dot Type: DNS-over-TLS (DoT)
dialog_serverimport_servertype_doq Type: DNS-over-QUIC (DoQ)
dialog_serverimport_text Please select the servers you wish to import.

Servers which are already imported will be duplicate if you select them.
dialog_serverimportfailed_title Import failed
dialog_serverimportfailed_text The server(s) could not be imported.
dialog_serverimportfailed_text_exception The servers could not be imported.
dialog_logexport_loading_title Preparing logs
dialog_logexport_text How do you want to share the logs?
dialog_logexport_general Choose app
dialog_logexport_email E-Mail
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
dialog_deletelogs_text Are you sure that you want to delete all logs?
dialog_dnsrules_search_message Enter a host below to search for it in the DNS rules.
dialog_dnsrules_search_title Search for a host
dialog_dnsrules_status_fromsource This host is part of the source %1$s
dialog_dnsrules_status_not_found No DNS rule found for this host.
dialog_dnsrules_status_sourcenotfound This host is in the DNS rules, but the source is unknown.
dialog_dnsrules_status_userrule This host is part of the DNS rules defined by you.
dialog_doh_detect_type_message Please wait a moment. 請稍候。
dialog_doh_detect_type_title Detecting server type 檢測服務器類型
dialog_editdelete_delete Delete
dialog_editdelete_edit Edit
dialog_editdelete_title What do you want to do?
dialog_enable_logging Do you want to enable logging? Logs contain statistic information, debug information and actions in the app. Generated logs aren't shared unless you do so yourself.
dialog_error_text It looks like the app has crashed. Do you want to send the error log files to the developer?
dialog_error_title Crashreport
dialog_excludedapps_infotext %1$d app is excluded by default and cannot be de-selected
dialog_exportdnsrules_export_sources Export DNS rules from enabled host sources
dialog_exportdnsrules_export_user_rules Export custom host DNS rules
dialog_exportdnsrules_nonwhitelist Export normal rules
dialog_exportdnsrules_title Export DNS rules
dialog_exportdnsrules_whitelist Export whitelist rules
dialog_help_translating_message This app is translated to a few languages, but even more are missing or incomplete - including yours.

That's why I'm kindly asking for your help translating this app to reach as broad of an audience as possible. If you are willing to help translating this app into your language feel free to either contact me or <a href=>read here on how to help.</a>
dialog_hostsourcerefresh_automatic_refresh Automatically refresh host sources
dialog_hostsourcerefresh_refresh_every Refresh every
dialog_hostsourcerefresh_refresh_now Refresh now
dialog_hostsourcerefresh_timeunit_days Days
dialog_hostsourcerefresh_timeunit_hours Hours
dialog_hostsourcerefresh_timeunit_minutes Minutes
dialog_hostsourcerefresh_timeunit_weeks Weeks
dialog_hostsourcerefresh_title Refresh host sources


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