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Show system apps
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
dialog_newserver_title_https Add a server (DoH)
dialog_newserver_title_tls Add a server (DoT)
dialog_newserver_title_quic Add a server (DoQ)
dialog_newserver_name Server name
dialog_newserver_name_hint Example
dialog_newserver_primaryserver Primary server
dialog_newserver_secondaryserver Secondary server (Optional)
dialog_deleteconfig_title Delete configuration?
dialog_deleteconfig_text Do you want to delete the configuration %1$s?
dialog_appchoosal_showsystemapps Show system apps
dialog_appchoosal_whitelist Only use DoH/DoT in selected apps
dialog_excludedapps_infotext %1$d app is excluded by default and cannot be de-selected
dialog_serverimport_title Import of %1$d server
dialog_serverimport_done Done
dialog_serverimport_priority Priority %1$d
dialog_serverimport_experimental Experimental
dialog_serverimport_servertype_doh Type: DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)
dialog_serverimport_servertype_dot Type: DNS-over-TLS (DoT)
dialog_serverimport_servertype_doq Type: DNS-over-QUIC (DoQ)
dialog_serverimport_text Please select the servers you wish to import.

Servers which are already imported will be duplicate if you select them.
dialog_serverimportfailed_title Import failed
dialog_serverimportfailed_text The server(s) could not be imported.
dialog_serverimportfailed_text_exception The servers could not be imported.
dialog_logexport_loading_title Preparing logs
dialog_logexport_text How do you want to share the logs?
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
dialog_about_licenses Licenses
dialog_appchoosal_showsystemapps Show system apps
dialog_appchoosal_whitelist Only use DoH/DoT in selected apps
dialog_batteryoptimization_ignore Ignore
dialog_batteryoptimization_message On some device the app won't be notified that the device has finished booting unless battery optimizations are disabled for it.
The app is currently not whitelisted from the battery optimization, do you want to do this?

You should test whether it works with optimization enabled before disabling it.
dialog_batteryoptimization_title Battery optimization
dialog_batteryoptimization_whitelist Disable
dialog_changelog_dont_show_again Don't show again
dialog_changelog_infotext The app has been updated since you last opened it. In the following list you can see the changelog. Check the box below and you won't see this message in the future.
dialog_changelog_title Changelog
dialog_cleardnscache_message Are you sure you want to clear the DNS cache?
dialog_clearqueries_message Are you sure you want to clear the logged queries? This cannot be reversed.
dialog_clearqueries_title Clear all queries
dialog_clearuserrules_message Are you want to clear all DNS rules? This cannot be undone.
dialog_clearuserrules_title Clear all DNS rules?
dialog_crashreporting_message Thank you for using Nebulo!

This app is using open-source and self-hosted third-party software to make it easier to track app crashes as soon as they occur. If and only if enabled the app is going to transmit crash reports when the app encounters a crash. These reports contain additional data about the app and your device. This includes an id which is used to track crashes coming from the same user, but can't be used to track anything else. Enabling the crash reporting is optional but would help me out greatly.
Reports are sent securely over HTTPS.

Click on 'See data' below to see what kind of data is transmitted and for a link to the privacy policy.


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