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Server configuration
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
dialog_open_faq Do you want to have a look at the frequently asked questions and documentation for this feature? 你想看看这个功能的常见问题和文档吗?
dialog_overlaydetected_message There seems to be a system-wide overlay (e.g. a chat bubble, color- or nightfilter) active. Most device don't allow you to enable a VPN in this case.

If you can't click OK in the next dialog please disable the overlay.

dialog_overlaydetected_title System-wide overlay detected 检测到系统遮罩层
dialog_pin_hint PIN PIN
dialog_pin_message Please provide your PIN. 请输入您的PIN。
dialog_query_export_message Please wait while the queries are being exported 正在导出请求项,请稍候
dialog_query_export_title Exporting queries… 正在导出请求项…
dialog_querylog_information_message This list shows you all past queries Nebulo logged while it was active. The list updates close to realtime when Nebulo is currently active.

Icons at the start of the row indicate what happened with the query.

Flag: The host was resolved from the DNS rules, or was blocked by the DNS server
Arrow: Nebulo forwarded the query to the DNS server
Database: Nebulo retrieved the DNS response from the cache


dialog_querylog_information_title Information about query log 关于查询记录的信息
dialog_rate_confirmation Do you want to open the play store to rate the app? 您想打开Play商店来为应用评分吗?
dialog_raterequest_message Hey there! If you are enjoying Nebulo, would you please take a moment to rate it on the store? 你好!如果你喜欢Nebulo,你愿意花一点时间在应用商店里为它打分吗?
dialog_raterequest_title Are you enjoying Nebulo? 您是否喜欢Nebulo?
dialog_serverconfiguration_addserver Add a server 添加服务器
dialog_serverconfiguration_https DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)
dialog_serverconfiguration_quic DNS-over-QUIC (DoQ)
dialog_serverconfiguration_title Server configuration 服务器配置
dialog_serverconfiguration_tls DNS-over-TLS (DoT)
dialog_serverimport_done Done 完成
dialog_serverimport_experimental Experimental 实验性功能
dialog_serverimport_priority Priority %1$d 优先级 %1$d
dialog_serverimport_servertype_doh Type: DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) 类型:DNS-over-HTTPS(DoH)
dialog_serverimport_servertype_doq Type: DNS-over-QUIC (DoQ) 类型:DNS-over-TLS(DoQ)
dialog_serverimport_servertype_dot Type: DNS-over-TLS (DoT) 类型:DNS-over-TLS(DoT)
dialog_serverimport_text Please select the servers you wish to import.

Servers which are already imported will be duplicate if you select them.

dialog_serverimport_title Import of %1$d server 导入%1$d个服务器
dialog_serverimportfailed_text The server(s) could not be imported. 无法导入服务器。
dialog_serverimportfailed_text_exception The servers could not be imported.
dialog_serverimportfailed_title Import failed 导入失败
dialog_servicekilled_message The app detected that it wasn't stopped properly the last time it was active. This strongly indicates that your system chose to force stop the app without any possibility for the app to restart itself.

On most devices you have a few options to prevent or at least delay the system from stopping the app.
You can for example disable battery optimizations for the app in the system settings or avoid clearing the app from the list of recents.

If you chose to ignore this you won't see this dialog again. You can read more and receive tips for solving this with the button below (opens an external website in your browser). Click on settings to open the Android settings where you can disable battery optimizations for Nebulo.


dialog_servicekilled_more_info More information 更多信息


Server configuration
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