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dialog_serverimport_servertype_dot Type: DNS-over-TLS (DoT)
dialog_serverimport_text Please select the servers you wish to import.

Servers which are already imported will be duplicate if you select them.
dialog_serverimport_title Import of %1$d server
dialog_serverimportfailed_text The server(s) could not be imported.
dialog_serverimportfailed_text_exception The servers could not be imported.
dialog_serverimportfailed_title Import failed
dialog_servicekilled_message The app detected that it wasn't stopped properly the last time it was active. This strongly indicates that your system chose to force stop the app without any possibility for the app to restart itself.

On most devices you have a few options to prevent or at least delay the system from stopping the app.
You can for example disable battery optimizations for the app in the system settings or avoid clearing the app from the list of recents.

If you chose to ignore this you won't see this dialog again. You can read more and receive tips for solving this with the button below (opens an external website in your browser). Click on settings to open the Android settings where you can disable battery optimizations for Nebulo.
dialog_servicekilled_more_info More information
dialog_share_message Which link do you want to share?
dialog_share_title Select link type
dialog_speedresult_message %1$d servers tested
%2$d DoT servers reachable, %3$d not reachable
%4$d DoH servers reachable, %5$d not reachable
Average response time: %6$d ms.

Fastest server: %7$s
Slowest server: %8$s
dialog_speedresult_title Speed test results
dialog_speedtest_useserver_message Do you want to use the server %1$s? It ranked %2$d out of %3$d with a response time of %4$d ms.
dialog_speedtest_useserver_title Select server
dialog_speedtestpasses_message Set how often the test should be run per server. Higher passes increase accuracy
dialog_speedtestpasses_title Configure test passes
dialog_vpn_permission_denied_message The system has denied Nebulo to start its VPN. Please open the app to grant the permission there by clicking the start button.
dialog_vpninformation_message Nebulo works by using a dummy VPN to capture all your DNS requests, which are then forwarded to a secure server of your choice.
This dummy VPN is not a real VPN and neither does it hide your identity, nor does it change your IP address.

No actual data, except for DNS requests, is transmitted using this app.
dialog_vpninformation_title How this app works
querylog_filter_info Select which types of queries you want to see
querylog_filter_shorten_domain Display shorter version of domain in list
querylog_filter_title Filter query log
querylog_filter_type_blocked_by_server Blocked by the DNS server
querylog_filter_type_cache Resolved by DNS cache
querylog_filter_type_dnsrules Resolved by DNS rules
querylog_filter_type_forwarded Resolved by the DNS server


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Configure test passes
Configure test passes
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