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Contributor agreement

By providing translations you (the user) agree that: - The copyright to the translations stays with you - The translations are made available in source and binary form under the GPLv3 license as part of the Nebulo mobile application - You grant Daniel Wolf a non-retractable right to make use of the translations without restrictions and a non-retractable right to distribute them in both binary and source form - You've read the privacy statement ( and agree to it - You've read the license terms ( and agree to them - The license for the translations might change at any given point. Translations will always be Open-source, only the details might be adjusted in the future.

If wanted, your name can be added to the credits dialog of the app and to the credits of the source code after providing a translation.

Translation process
  • Translations can be made directly.
  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses monolingual files.
  • The translation base language is editable.
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Last remote commit Translated using Weblate (German) 350d0335
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Last commit in Weblate Translated using Weblate (Polish) 5e61e3db
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Weblate repository
File mask app/src/main/res/values-*/strings-tasker.xml
Monolingual base language file app/src/main/res/values/strings-tasker.xml
Translation file Download app/src/main/res/values-id/strings-tasker.xml
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String statistics

Strings percent Hosted strings Words percent Hosted words Characters percent Hosted characters
Total 8 31 176
Translated 37% 3 9% 3 5% 9
Needs editing 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0
Read-only 37% 3 9% 3 5% 9
Failing checks 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0
Strings with suggestions 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0
Untranslated strings 62% 5 90% 28 94% 167

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Nebulo / Tasker stringsIndonesian

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