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app_name RethinkDNS
app_name_brave RethinkDNS
title_about About පිළිබඳව
title_settings Settings සැකසුම්
txt_im_topic Internet Manager
backed_by_mozilla Backed by Mozilla Builders Incubator
txt_im_tip Tip : Firewall prevents apps from accessing the Internet over Wifi or Mobile data. Since most forms of surveillance require the data to be sent over to a central repository, firewalling them effectively mitigates the threat.

There's a class of apps that require Internet connection all day, and those are usually communication apps like Gmail and messenger apps like WhatsApp. Firewalling them might not be an option, and that's why we built content blockers.
action_automatic Auto Remove and Auto Grant
action_revoke_only Auto Revoke
action_do_nothing Do Nothing කිසිවක් නොකරන්න
txt_home Home මුුල් පිටුව
admin_receiver_status_enabled Ready to set dns based content blocker.
admin_receiver_status_disabled Content blocker no longer in effect.
accessibility_service_description RethinkDNS uses accessibility service to detect and firewall background applications. RethinkDNS does not collect or sell any information.
accessibility_service_label RethinkDNS
next Next ඊලඟ
skip Skip මඟ හරින්න
slide_2_title Welcome සාදරයෙන් පිළිගනිමු
slide_2_desc RethinkDNS is the easiest way to monitor app activity, circumvent Internet censorship, and firewall apps on your Android device.
slide_1_title Welcome සාදරයෙන් පිළිගනිමු