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backed_by_mozilla Backed by Mozilla Builders Incubator
settings_connection_tracker_explanation_text Keep tabs on incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. RethinkDNS firewall when enabled keeps track of connections an app makes to various endpoints on the Internet.
settings_explanation_text Block apps from connecting to the Internet. Limiting access to the Internet helps prevent unwarranted data usage, as well as conserve battery.
universal_firewall_explanation Apply firewall rules on all applications based on device events, for example, firewall when the device is locked or when a particular app is not in use.
category_firewall_explanation Whitelisted applications are exempt from all firewall rules.
ip_details_list_explanation All connections to these IPs are blocked for all apps except the ones in the whitelist.
dns_mode_info_explanation \009 Circumvent Internet censorship.
Prevent DNS manipulation attacks with encrypted DNS.
First line of defence against malware and other security threats.
Monitor DNS traffic.
firewall_mode_info_explanation \009 Firewall select apps from connecting to the Internet.
Monitor network activity of all apps.
Note: This feature may consume extra battery.
alert_permission_accessibility_regrant Regrant Permission - Accessibility
alert_firewall_accessibility_explanation RethinkDNS uses accessibility service to track which apps are in-use (foreground) versus those that are not in-use (background).
alert_firewall_accessibility_regrant_explanation RethinkDNS accessibility service has stopped or crashed. Revoke accessibility permissions and regrant them to start it back again. RethinkDNS uses accessibility service to track which apps are in-use (foreground) versus those that are not in-use (background).
about_app App
conn_track_clear_logs_message This only deletes network logs but not firewall rules. This operation is not reversible. Do you want to proceed?
bsct_conn_rule_explanation \009 <u>Rule #1</u>: Blocks an app from connecting to the Internet.
<u>Rule #2</u>: Blocks any app from connecting to a particular IP.
<u>Rule #3</u>: Blocks all connections when device locked (Universal Firewall).
<u>Rule #4</u>: Blocks any app not in use (Universal Firewall).
<u>Rule #5</u>: Blocks connections when source app unknown (Universal Firewall).
<u>Rule #6</u>: Blocks all UDP traffic except DNS (Universal Firewall).
always_on_dialog "Always-On VPN" is enabled on this device. To start RethinkDNS, please go to Settings app and disable "Always-on VPN".
always_on_rethink_enabled "Always-on VPN" enabled. Go to Settings app and disable "Always-on VPN" setting to stop RethinkDNS.
app_mode_dns DNS
app_mode_firewall Firewall
app_mode_dns_firewall DNS and Firewall