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Key English id (generated)
dialog_serverconfiguration_title Server configuration
dialog_serverconfiguration_addserver Add a server
dialog_newserver_title_https Add a server (DoH)
dialog_newserver_title_tls Add a server (DoT)
dialog_newserver_title_quic Add a server (DoQ)
dialog_newserver_name Server name
dialog_newserver_name_hint Example
dialog_newserver_primaryserver Primary server
dialog_newserver_secondaryserver Secondary server (Optional)
dialog_deleteconfig_title Delete configuration?
dialog_deleteconfig_text Do you want to delete the configuration %1$s?
dialog_appchoosal_showsystemapps Show system apps
dialog_appchoosal_whitelist Only use DoH/DoT in selected apps
dialog_excludedapps_infotext %1$d app is excluded by default and cannot be de-selected
dialog_serverimport_title Import of %1$d server
dialog_serverimport_done Done
dialog_serverimport_priority Priority %1$d
dialog_serverimport_experimental Experimental
dialog_serverimport_servertype_doh Type: DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)
dialog_serverimport_servertype_dot Type: DNS-over-TLS (DoT)