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Key English id (generated)
changelog_build_23_1 Non-default ports are now shown for DoT servers
changelog_build_23_2 Added this dialog to highlight changes
changelog_build_23_3 The query export setting now shows a dialog indicating whether it is loading
changelog_build_23_4 Fixed the server import not working on OS versions below Android 7
changelog_build_23_5 The query log now shows the protocol used to send the query
changelog_build_23_6 You can now protect the app with a PIN in the settings
changelog_build_24_1 Fixed the app crashing on devices which don't have a fingerprint sensor
changelog_build_25_1 Improved handling of IPv6/IPv6 - the app now works reliable in networks which only support either
changelog_build_25_2 Added new DNS servers
changelog_build_25_3 A notification is now shown when there is no/a bad connection
changelog_build_25_4 The app doesn't crash anymore if an unknown host is used - it shows the aforementioned notification instead
changelog_build_26_1 The app doesn't crash anymore for servers which only have IPv4 addresses when the network only has IPv6 addresses
changelog_build_26_2 Fixed the no connection notification not vanishing properly
changelog_build_26_3 The no connection notification can now be dismissed
changelog_build_26_4 The app had the wrong servers of UncensoredDNS
changelog_build_27_1 Fixed a lot of crashes
changelog_build_27_2 Logs can now be shared again when the app crashes
changelog_build_27_3 The notification shown when the app has no/a bad connection is now turned off by default and can be enabled in the settings
changelog_build_27_4 Added a pause button to the notification
changelog_build_28_1 The stop button in the notification works again