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changelog_build_66_1 Added frequently asked questions. You can find them in the 'About this app' navigation item
changelog_build_66_2 Adding servers is now case-sensitive. This fixes problems with NextDNS
changelog_build_66_3 Added a dialog to the DNS rules to check whether a host is listed somewhere
changelog_build_66_4 Added a help entry to the query log to explain what the icons mean
changelog_build_66_5 The DNS speed test now more accurately shows the latency
changelog_build_66_6 Added BraveDNS and Cloudflare security
changelog_build_66_9 Added a notification shown when the current server has a bad connection
changelog_build_66_10 Added a filter to the query log
changelog_build_66_11 Added a field showing how many queries have been resolved with DNS rules
changelog_build_67_2 Added a search to the app exclusion dialog
changelog_build_67_3 Fix server latency not being shown in Non-VPN mode
changelog_build_67_4 Added better formatting of numbers in DNS rules
changelog_build_69_2 Increase performance of DNS-over-HTTPS queries
changelog_build_75_1 Added a setting in the general category to export the settings
changelog_build_69_1 Add support for DNS-over-QUIC
changelog_build_66_7 Added introduction screens when first launching the app
changelog_build_66_8 Added a server selection screen when first launching the app